Introduction to DISC

The DISC model is a personal development tool designed to help people improve communication and build better, stronger relationships. The model measures and describes 4 styles of behavior… D, I, S & C The Dominant Style  Those with a high Dominant Style are focused, direct, goal-oriented, and competitive.  Think of them as the type who [...]

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What is the DISC Flow® Model?

The DISC model was designed to help professionals understand themselves and others. It describes four primary styles of behaviour: The Dominance Style Direct and firm Goal-oriented and competitive Decisive May be strong-willed and forceful The Influence Style High-spirited and enthusiastic Energetic and adventurous Optimistic Motivational The Steadiness Style Humble and tactful Patient Well-balanced and even-tempered [...]

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Introducing the DISC Flow® Core Report

The Flow® CORE Report is the end result of a highly validated online assessment. It provides a wealth of insight to help you develop your growing potential, and an opportunity to add structure to your pursuit of a better you. DISC is a highly precise tool used to identify your behavioral and communication styles It [...]

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How DISC and Emotional Intelligence Connect

Organisations that embrace behavioural change can rapidly improve their workplace culture, increase employee engagement and boost bottom-line results. The DISC Flow® model has been purposely designed to turbocharge this process by taking the tried-and-tested DISC behavioural model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build [...]

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Emotional Intelligence, Explained

Everybody has emotions. It‘s a simple fact – a part of our being human. And whether we realise it or not, these emotions impact us and those around us every single day. Emotional Intelligence describes a method of identifying and controlling these emotions so that they work for us, not against us. History The concept [...]

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Understanding the Strengths & Limitations of your DISC Style

The Strengths and Limitations of the 4 DISC Styles ‘Strengths’ and ‘Limitations’ play a key role in understanding the four DISC styles. In this guide you’ll learn the basics of each style and how to adopt a practical approach that might impact your effectiveness in the workplace. What is the D Style? The dominant (D) [...]

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The (C)ompliance Personality Style, Explained

Compliance styles are the most analytical of the four DISC styles. C’s are often perfectionists, they are detail-oriented… and focused on facts, information and proof. The C-Style is comfortable working alone and is typically the most reserved of the DISC styles. They are logical, systematic, cautious and methodical. They focus on working to a defined [...]

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The (S)teadiness Personality Style, Explained

The S-style is typically the most patient and supportive of the four DISC styles. S types are calm, sincere and naturally laid back. Steadiness types enjoy working in a team environment and are eager to help and support others S types are loyal, and will work hard to maintain relationships with the people they have [...]

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The (I)nfluence Personality Style, Explained

I-styles are typically the most outgoing, energetic and sociable of the four DISC styles. The I-style enjoys being the center of attention and loves interacting and meeting new people. I-styles like to focus on the big picture and prefer to spend time collaborating with others. I-styles are friendly, enthusiastic and animated They are also optimistic, [...]

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The (D)ominance Personality Style, Explained

D-styles are typically the most forceful and assertive of the four DISC styles. They tend to be direct and straightforward when expressing their opinions and have a tendency to seek authority and control over a situation. D-styles are competitive and results oriented, they prefer to move fast, take risks and get things done. The D-styles [...]

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