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How to use DISC to Support Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are two of the most important aspects of any successful business. A diversity-focused workplace can benefit from increased creativity, improved customer service, and a better understanding of different cultures. But how do you ensure that your organisation embraces it?    One way to do this is by using DISC—a tool that helps companies understand employee personalities [...]

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DISC Profile Solutions Explained

People undoubtedly work better together when they understand the way that their colleagues function. A DISC profile is an excellent way of enabling teams to build this type of mutual understanding together. By outlining what is important to people and how they perform most effectively, a DISC assessment can genuinely help individuals to understand how they can work most effectively [...]

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DISC and Workplace Conflict

Here is a question for you: Why do some people drive you mad at work? Most of the time, we are so used to behaving in a certain way, thinking that our way is right. It then comes as a shock to discover that about 75% of your colleagues will not react to a problem the same way you will. [...]

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Using DISC Assessments in the Workplace

At the heart of any successful business are motivated and engaged people. However, finding a personal development tool that works seamlessly with all your workforce's varied strengths and limitations can feel impossible. Your teams are made up of people with different personalities, behaviours and communication styles. Knowing how best to interact with each of them in ways specific to their [...]

What is the DISC Flow® Model?

The DISC model was designed to help professionals understand themselves and others. It describes four primary styles of behaviour: The Dominance Style Direct and firm Goal-oriented and competitive Decisive May be strong-willed and forceful The Influence Style High-spirited and enthusiastic Energetic and adventurous Optimistic Motivational The Steadiness Style Humble and tactful Patient Well-balanced and even-tempered [...]

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Introducing the DISC Flow® Core Report

The Flow® CORE Report is the end result of a highly validated online assessment. It provides a wealth of insight to help you develop your growing potential, and an opportunity to add structure to your pursuit of a better you. DISC is a highly precise tool used to identify your behavioral and communication styles It [...]

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Remote Working with DISC

We all understand that in these changing times, many more employees are now being asked to work remotely—and facing the challenge of having to make it work for them, and their organisations. It's not just COVID-19 that has more people working from home. Teams now often encompass staff from different locations, and organisations are learning that output doesn't have to [...]

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Understanding the Strengths & Limitations of your DISC Style

The Strengths and Limitations of the 4 DISC Styles ‘Strengths’ and ‘Limitations’ play a key role in understanding the four DISC styles. In this guide you’ll learn the basics of each style and how to adopt a practical approach that might impact your effectiveness in the workplace. What is the D Style? The dominant (D) [...]

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