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What is GDPR?2020-09-13T18:22:43+01:00

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is EU legislation that was approved in 2016 and took effect as of May 25, 2018. It mandates higher standards for how businesses can collect, process, store, and use personal data. The GDPR gives European citizens more transparency, control, and safety over their information.

How does the GDPR affect The Profiles Group Ltd and our clients?2020-09-13T18:22:42+01:00

As an organisation headquartered in the United Kingdom with clients all over the world, we intend to follow GDPR standards in a globally consistent manner. We have always taken great care with data collected, but are equally focused on ensuring the GDPR implementation allows us to improve on our processes.

What type of data are you collecting?2020-09-13T18:22:42+01:00

Throughout the course of promoting our business and working with clients, we do collect personal data. However, we only collect and store the minimum data necessary. That means we only ask the pertinent questions, whether you’re completing a DISC Flow assessment or registering for a training event.

How do I give The Profiles Group Ltd consent to process my personal data?2020-09-13T18:22:42+01:00

When completing a DISC Flow assessment, we’ll ask for your personal information and inform you of your rights as a “Data Subject” and require that you consent to our Privacy Policy to proceed. If you have any questions before proceeding, we will ensure there is a way to contact us for more information. To receive marketing communications like newsletters, learning and development news, and invitations to exclusive events, we will be asking you to “opt in”. If you do not “opt in”, we will remove your contact information from our database.

Can I withdraw consent once I’ve given it?2020-09-13T18:22:42+01:00

Absolutely. If at any time, you’d prefer for The Profiles Group Ltd to cease storing and processing your data, you can contact your Manager or email us at, and we will remove all of your data from our database.


All of the information above is not to be understood as legal advice. We recommend reviewing the EU’s GDPR Portal and seeking advice from a qualified lawyer for more details as they relate specifically to you and your organisation.

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