Emotional Intelligence

What Are the Key Skills Modern Leaders Need in the New Hybrid Age?

The pandemic has forced companies to make adjustments on the fly in order to continue operating. The immediate response in many cases was a shift to remote work. But now that health protocols are easing up, company leaders are considering different working models. One of these is the hybrid model, wherein some employees work on site, some work remotely, and [...]

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Using DISC Assessments in the Workplace

At the heart of any successful business are motivated and engaged people. However, finding a personal development tool that works seamlessly with all your workforce's varied strengths and limitations can feel impossible. Your teams are made up of people with different personalities, behaviours and communication styles. Knowing how best to interact with each of them in ways specific to their [...]

How DISC and Emotional Intelligence Connect

Organisations that embrace behavioural change can rapidly improve their workplace culture, increase employee engagement and boost bottom-line results. The DISC Flow® model has been purposely designed to turbocharge this process by taking the tried-and-tested DISC behavioural model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build [...]

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Emotional Intelligence, Explained

Everybody has emotions. It‘s a simple fact – a part of our being human. And whether we realise it or not, these emotions impact us and those around us every single day. Emotional Intelligence describes a method of identifying and controlling these emotions so that they work for us, not against us. History The concept [...]

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How does DISC relate to Emotional Intelligence?

The DISC profile system, first conceived by William Moulton Marston in the 1920s, identifies four different personalities, each with its own set of strengths and limitations. It was the industrial psychologist Walter Clarke who began assessing people's DISC profiles for the purposes of recruitment. That was in the 1950s. The four DISC profiles, or "styles" as they're called today, are [...]

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Intelligence in its basic form is the ability to reason, comprehend and learn. While some people are born with an innate mental acuity, most of us become more intelligent and act more intelligently as we grow older and experience different things. This type of cognitive intelligence might create a genius, but it does not always invest heavily in the feelings [...]

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The Importance of Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Employers might be gratified to know employees are happy or satisfied in their work, but they should aim higher than that. The term employee engagement refers to staff who are emotionally invested in their job and feel part of something worthwhile. Their behaviour is consistently positive and driven. Benefits of Employee Engagement The importance of employee engagement in the workplace [...]

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5 Competencies Displayed by Effective Managers

Competencies include a range of soft and hard skills affecting how an individual performs in their job and how they actually perform work. Hard skills (ie. technical skills) are often scrutinised when making promotion decisions, but soft skills are vital for good leadership. A manager must show a range of competencies in order to succeed in their role because mastering [...]

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