DISC Assessments — Measure the Flow of Workplace Personalities

Are you seeking improvements in workplace communication, teamwork, and productivity? Then join the companies utilising the DISC Flow personal assessment tool. Over 1 million people worldwide use this profiling model to gain in-depth insights into their potential. With the help of our assessment, organisations develop more effective training processes that foster employee growth. Our tools help you gain invaluable insight [...]

Personality Profiling with DISC Flow®

Are you on the search for workplace development solutions? DISC profiling is a tried-and-tested method of getting the best results from your team and can aid both personal and professional development. This article explores the four personality styles and introduces you to the next-generation of the DISC model. The model has been designed to be simple to understand and easy [...]

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Introduction to DISC

The DISC model is a personal development tool designed to help people improve communication and build better, stronger relationships. The model measures and describes 4 styles of behavior… D, I, S & C The Dominant Style  Those with a high Dominant Style are focused, direct, goal-oriented, and competitive.  Think of them as the type who [...]

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How DISC and Emotional Intelligence Connect

Organisations that embrace behavioural change can rapidly improve their workplace culture, increase employee engagement and boost bottom-line results. The DISC Flow® model has been purposely designed to turbocharge this process by taking the tried-and-tested DISC behavioural model and combined it with the power of emotional intelligence to help people tap into their strengths and build [...]

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Remote Working with DISC

We all understand that in these changing times, many more employees are now being asked to work remotely—and facing the challenge of having to make it work for them, and their organisations. It's not just COVID-19 that has more people working from home. Teams now often encompass staff from different locations, and organisations are learning that output doesn't have to [...]

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How to Use DISC Assessments?

The DISC model can help you improve the work environment. A DISC profile assessment is a highly validated tool and utilises tested methods that, if implemented correctly, can benefit both your business and your employees' well-being in the workplace. DISC profile assessments offers a quick and easy way to learn more about the personality of your employees, and it also [...]

The (C)ompliance Personality Style, Explained

Compliance styles are the most analytical of the four DISC styles. C’s are often perfectionists, they are detail-oriented… and focused on facts, information and proof. The C-Style is comfortable working alone and is typically the most reserved of the DISC styles. They are logical, systematic, cautious and methodical. They focus on working to a defined [...]

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The (S)teadiness Personality Style, Explained

The S-style is typically the most patient and supportive of the four DISC styles. S types are calm, sincere and naturally laid back. Steadiness types enjoy working in a team environment and are eager to help and support others S types are loyal, and will work hard to maintain relationships with the people they have [...]

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4 Ways to Utilise DISC Personality Profiles At Work

Personalities are important in the workplace. It allows you to screen talents for better job fit, helps you have more cohesive teams, and also allows you to utilise strengths and improve weaknesses of your team members. And, there are many ways you can categorise your employees’ personalities. One of them is using the DISC model. In this article, we’ll share [...]

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The (I)nfluence Personality Style, Explained

I-styles are typically the most outgoing, energetic and sociable of the four DISC styles. The I-style enjoys being the center of attention and loves interacting and meeting new people. I-styles like to focus on the big picture and prefer to spend time collaborating with others. I-styles are friendly, enthusiastic and animated They are also optimistic, [...]

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