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Customer Service Team Guide: How to Hire and Manage in 2022 and Beyond

Customer service is an important aspect of a business. Research shows that 92% of consumers would likely repurchase from a brand after receiving a positive customer service experience. Another 78% said excellent customer service would make them forgive a business if it made a mistake.  Businesses know that making customers happy with their buying experience is the key to success, [...]

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5 Ways to Promote Healthy Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict is a normal but sometimes frustrating part of life that can occur in any professional or personal relationship. We are often taught to avoid conflict, even to the extent of letting it build up and explode. However, this can hurt relationships, causing us to potentially miss out on moments where we can better understand and connect with one another, [...]

Are you a leader or follower?

Business leaders do what their businesses demand them to do. Business followers do what they want and what feels comfortable.  To be a business leader, you need to be a focused business planner—are you, or are you simply avoiding becoming one? The two things that most business owners struggle with are planning ahead and doing things in order of importance. [...]

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Habits That Hold Leaders Back

“We do not spend enough time teaching leaders what to stop. Half of the leaders I have met don’t need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.” These are the words of Peter Drucker, who is regarded as the founder of modern management. And he is right—much time is spent teaching leaders what to do, [...]

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DISC Assessments — Measure the Flow of Workplace Personalities

Are you seeking improvements in workplace communication, teamwork, and productivity? Then join the companies utilising the DISC Flow personal assessment tool. Over 1 million people worldwide use this profiling model to gain in-depth insights into their potential. With the help of our assessment, organisations develop more effective training processes that foster employee growth. Our tools help you gain invaluable insight [...]

Personality Profiling with DISC Flow®

Are you on the search for workplace development solutions? DISC profiling is a tried-and-tested method of getting the best results from your team and can aid both personal and professional development. This article explores the four personality styles and introduces you to the next-generation of the DISC model. The model has been designed to be simple to understand and easy [...]

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Using DISC Assessments in the Workplace

At the heart of any successful business are motivated and engaged people. However, finding a personal development tool that works seamlessly with all your workforce's varied strengths and limitations can feel impossible. Your teams are made up of people with different personalities, behaviours and communication styles. Knowing how best to interact with each of them in ways specific to their [...]

How to Use DISC Assessments?

The DISC model can help you improve the work environment. A DISC profile assessment is a highly validated tool and utilises tested methods that, if implemented correctly, can benefit both your business and your employees' well-being in the workplace. DISC profile assessments offers a quick and easy way to learn more about the personality of your employees, and it also [...]


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