The DISC model was designed to help professionals understand themselves and others.

It describes four primary styles of behaviour:

The Dominance Style

  • Direct and firm
  • Goal-oriented and competitive
  • Decisive
  • May be strong-willed and forceful

The Influence Style

  • High-spirited and enthusiastic
  • Energetic and adventurous
  • Optimistic
  • Motivational

The Steadiness Style

  • Humble and tactful
  • Patient
  • Well-balanced and even-tempered
  • Harmonious

The Compliance Style

  • Analytical and systematic
  • Accurate and perfection-seeking
  • Skeptical and measured
  • May be more reserved and private

The DISC model works hand-in-hand with Emotional Intelligence (EI) to further understand how your teams think and feel.

The self-awareness domain of EI covers introspection: getting to the core of your thoughts, habits, and personality.

Awareness of others covers sympathy: doing better at relating to how people around you feel, and being more receptive to their needs and feelings. We merge DISC and EI to provide our clients with a better method for assessing their employees and applicants.

With DISCFLOW, you can make smarter and more nuanced decisions when hiring, training, and managing.

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