Effective communication is desirable at all levels of an organisation, whether it comes from top management or the shop floor. It’s a reliable sign of efficiency, with staff always knowing what they’re doing and why. A sound system of communication makes everyone accountable for their work and behaviour, resulting in better relationships between co-workers.

When lines of communication within an organisation are open and transparent, it helps foster trust and creates a positive workplace culture. Modern tools such as Slack can help in this respect. The less concealment and secrecy that goes on between staff, generally the better.

Far-Reaching Benefits

There are many discreet benefits of a good communication system. They include the following:

  • Innovation: Only in a setting where ideas are encouraged and freely expressed can creativity flourish. Staff members should always be able to say what’s on their mind, whether it’s related to a current project or how the company runs.
  • Security: Staff must be able to report mistakes they make without fear of negative consequences such as dismissal. An example of this might be a data breach via a phishing attack, where the employee is likely to feel responsible.
  • Management: Managers who are strong communicators benefit businesses in many ways. They inspire workers to communicate well with each other, delegate tasks effectively, resolve conflicts, improve morale and boost productivity.
  • Job satisfaction: A company that treats everyone with equal respect and listens to all opinions makes people feel valued and improves employee engagement. To this end, it’s vital to establish clear lines of communication for all workers.
  • Targets and deadlines: Making staff aware of objectives and providing the means for them to report progress keeps everyone on board. This can be done through online platforms that bring everyone together from any location (including remote workers or contract workers).

Managers who empathise with employees and understand the nature of their work are better placed to communicate effectively. Similarly, transparency in the way employees interact helps them better understand each other and work efficiently together.